Welcome to Navigating Neurodiversity
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A message from our Founder and Director

Navigating Neuodiversity originated as a direct result of my experiences both good and bad of supporting children with SEN in an educational setting and my experience as a parent of a neurodivergent daughter and the struggles faced to remove the barriers to learning for her. This has shaped both my research & career choices and whilst my daughters learning journey continues at the University of Cambridge, I am in constant awe of how bravely she battled the stereotypes within education, barriers to learning and the lack of knowledge and support as mainstream schools struggled to keep up with the ever changing discourse of inclusion. I am constantly aware of how just a few changes both in the classroom, pre-conceptions of teaching staff and leadership and individualised training can have a huge impact on neurodivergent pupils within schools and allow them to achieve their full potential with their self-esteem intact.

Combining my experience of over 20 years supporting SEN pupils in school, as an EHCP plan writer/case officer for local council and from a psychologist perspective with my ongoing research into inclusion and supporting children with ASD & SEMH. I offer a range of support services for schools to help them to implement best practice and provide a fully inclusive educational experience for all learners.

As a member a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) my research includes the teaching strategies and pre-conceptions of teachers and their effect on supporting pupils with ADHD, ASD & SEMH needs. My qualifications include an BSc (hons) in Psychology, PGCE in Education, PGCE in Inclusion,  NASENCO Award & Ma in Education with a focus on neurodiversity.

Having worked for a local authority as an EHCP case officer to write and amend EHC plans, I have experience of navigating the process, including participating in both local and county decision panel meetings, and know exactly what the EHCP panel require for an application to be successful. I have at times, been frustrated to see that children clearly deserving of extra support haven’t been granted  it in the form of an EHCP  due to lack of evidence put forward by the school. I also know, from working within schools, that it is not lack of care/preparation of the leadership team/teachers that causes this but rather the lack of clarity of what is required during the application process and my aim is to unveil the mystery of what is required for a successful EHCP application.

If you would like to talk more about any of the services that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Lucy Gilbert

Founder & Director